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Immediate Steps To Take If Flooding Occurs

1. Move any furniture that is in the affected water and flood damage area to a dry place. Water can be absorbed by wood, fabric and other materials that furniture is made out of. This step is to avoid damaging the furniture.


2. Try to find the source of the leak to stop the spread of water. If you cannot find the leak you should shut the water off to the home.


3. Call a professional plumber, HVAC company or the proper professional to fix the water leak. We will also help find the leak when our technician arrives. We also have professionals that we work with that we can recommend if you do not know who to use.


4. Call a certified firm. Companies that are certified by the IICRC generally have more training experience and are more familiar with the standards for taking care of water and flood damage. (By the way, Absolute Flooring Services is an IICRC-certified company).

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